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The most expensive Legoland ever is coming to New York

Maria Sergeeva
October 27, 2017
After California and Florida, Legoland plans to open a 170-acre theme park resort, in New York in 2020. Legoland New York will become Legos's first Northeast location and it's most expensive one.
The third North American Legoland theme park is to be built in Goshen in Orange County, in a $350 million investment by Britain’s Merlin Entertainments, its chief executive officer, Nick Varney,  announced on Thursday.
After his announcement 1,500 balloons and more than 30,000 Lego bricks appeared  on the stage put by construction vehicles.
Merlin, which owns the international chain of wax figurine museums, as well as the London Eye, said the new Legoland was planned to open in 2020 and would welcome customers between April and November.
The park will have a 250-room hotel filled with hundreds of Lego models and millions of Lego bricks, beloved Lego characters, and themed Lego zones.
Visitors could also enjoy more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions, including Legoland Driving School, where kids will learn to drive a Lego car.
A 4-D movie theater will show various Lego movies, while families can check out areas like "Bricktopia," where they can see what developers say will be the "the weirdest and wackiest" structures made out of Lego.
The center of the park will be enriched by a replica of New York’s famous views.
Not only a place to have fun, The Legoland is expected to create 1,300 full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs.