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Gold for sheikhs: the most expensive suite in the seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab

Dal Kikin
October 18, 2018

Photo: iStock/Katiekk2

Two-story suite in the legendary Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai with two bedrooms and an office with a total area of 780 square meters will emphasize in every detail. The guests here are a wealthy people who rule the world. From sheikhs and presidents to billionaires and celebrities. The hotel has two such suits, located on the top floor.

And yes, it’s full of gold! In the Arab world is a completely different view on style and beauty!

The legendary "Sail", the symbol of Dubai! This is not the newest hotel, but definitely the most status and recognizable. Burj Al Arab is 202 suits, which in principle are all ultra-luxe, double-decker, crammed with electronics and with a huge number of attendants. But even among all the suits there is the highest category - for the VIP guests.

The two-storey Royal Two Bedroom Suite is located on the highest floor of the hotel, where a separate elevator lifts.

Royal Two Bedroom Suite will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding guest, who will undoubtedly appreciate the impeccable restrained style, emphasized by extravagant details of the interior. The entrance to the room is through the hall on the top floor, where a personal elevator will take you.

Depending on your mood, you can choose a secluded vacation and admire the magnificent views of the bay, or invite guests to a dinner party and have fun. The working environment of the office has to labor exploits. After an eventful day, it's so nice to sleep in a luxurious rotating bed.

The suite is made using real gold, marble. There are hand-woven paintings on the walls. Incidentally, all the furniture in the hotel was also created by hand, and the furniture of the royal room was created on the basis of Sheikh sketches.

If you hit this room and want to watch your favorite show or news, you will have to watch it in a golden TV. If you want to have a bite, then food will be prepared at the hotel’s restaurant and delivered via a special elevator, which is used only to deliver food to the royal suite.

Bathtub is available in the private bathroom. Oh yeah, is it worth paying attention to the fact that all plumbing is made of gold? I think this is already clear.