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A hotel in the East Sea where to look for Yin and Yang

Dal Kikin
January 18, 2019

In the middle of the East Sea, - Korean name of the Sea of ??Japan - 120 kilometers from South Korea, there is a small island of volcanic origin that surprises with its natural beauty. It is the island of Ulleungdo, a place with leafy forests of cedars, a multitude of waterfalls and impressive rock formations considered an important spiritual destination. With just 10,000 inhabitants, this island remained for a large part of its uninhabited existence due to the complexity of reaching it. Nowadays, lovers of nature and spirituality have turned it into a reference tourist destination. Hiking, fishing or diving are the main activities that take place in summer while the harshness of winter makes the few tourists who dare to visit it opt ??for snow sports.

Fruit of the search for harmony and following the vision of the locals who see in the island the perfect balance between Yin and Yang, the Kosmos hotel emerges, designed by the architect of The System Lab, Chanjoong Kim. The impressive building that flies over a cliff has white concrete walls that curve in search of balance. Inside, high-ceilinged rooms seem to fit into a puzzle of rounded pieces.

Chanjoong Kim says he saw the project as "a container of" energy "and hoped it would become a kind of celestial tool that can contemplate and feel the natural phenomenon of the universe and the earth." Guests of the Kosmos hotel, which was created by combining cutting-edge design and technology, can choose from three main types of rooms, all with an ocean view: "Ondol rooms" -which have traditional Korean heating systems-, "simple rooms" and "rooms with a pool". As activities guests can feel the spirituality in one of the five follow-up courses where they can walk along some of the main tourist trails to absorb the natural phenomena that surround it.