‘Toy Story’ – Simultaneously Streaming ‘Toy Story’-Themed NFL Games on Disney+ and ESPN+ – Deadline

In a first in the burgeoning world of alternative sports streaming, the upcoming NFL game will be edited in real time as a fully animated contest taking place in… toy story being.

The October 1st game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons was billed as Toy Story Funday Football Game. It will launch on Disney+ and ESPN+ at 9:30 a.m. ET, an early start as it is part of the NFL’s annual international series of games, which take place at Wembley Stadium in London. Indeed, the game will be a live broadcast, with the main broadcast appearing on ESPN+, one of the streaming exclusives offered as part of the media companies’ $110 billion rights renewal with the NFL. The Falcons-Jaguars game will also be broadcast on NFL+.

Using next-generation NFL statistics and on-field tracking data, every player and every play will be presented in “Andy’s Room,” the familiar, brightly colored setting of toy story Commercial franchise. The action will be nearly synchronized with the television broadcast of the main game, with most plays recreated after an expected neighborhood delay of about 30 seconds. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and several other characters will be visible throughout, and a press release notes that they will “participate from the sidelines and in other non-playable elements.” Along with game events, announcers, graphics, scoreboard, referee penalty announcements, celebrations, and other parts of the experience will be displayed in a toy story– Central fashion. (For a glimpse of what it will look like, watch the video above.)

At the end of the first half, Duke Kaboom appeared – the reckless biker voiced by Keanu Reeves toy story 4 -He will try to jump.

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Alternative broadcasts, especially those with computer graphics enhancements and designed to appeal to younger viewers, are increasingly becoming a staple of the sports television landscape. This NFL season will mark another milestone in that trend as February’s Super Bowl is “slimmed down” into a skewed Nickelodeon sequel to the flagship game broadcast on CBS. Disney has been mining its own properties in recent years, offering such offerings as a Marvel-themed NBA game, but the entirely animated nature of the game toy story The game is new. ESPN helped popularize the concept of alternative broadcast television successfully Monday Night Football with Peyton and EliWhich begins its third season.

Along with ESPN, the Toy Story event will be produced with contributions from ESPN’s Edge Innovation Center, Disney, NFL, Pixar, Next Gen Stats, Beyond Sports and Silver Spoon.

in the United States, Toy Story Funday Football Game It will be available directly on Disney+ and ESPN+, with the ability to replay shortly after the game ends on Disney+ for a limited time. Globally, it will be available in over 95 markets as a direct and/or reboot.

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