Todd Howard says Starfield was “intentionally designed to be played for a long time”

Starfield director Todd Howard said Starfield was intentionally designed to be played for a long time.

Speaking in a Game Maker’s Notebook In an interview with Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price, he discussed the scale of modern gaming and explored his intentions for the lifespan of Starfield.

“This is a game that was intentionally designed to be played for a long time. One of the things we’ve learned from our previous games, like Skyrim and Fallout, is that people want to play them for a very long time,” Howard said.

“How do we build it so that we allow for that in a way that feels natural, and if people play the game and finish the main quest, you can see that.”

Here Howard is referring to Starfield’s open New Game Plus system, which players have praised for its creativity and unique nature.

Howard was also asked about the need for developers to strengthen themselves as technology in gaming evolves.

I think it starts with the developers, it has to happen, right?’” Howard told Price.

“I think it starts with technology. You see new hardware, and you want to use it in new ways, and you look at demos of a game that say ‘We can do this, we can present it this way.’ I think it’s the scale of gaming that I have to go back and look at. How much it was Things were big before?

“One thing I’ve noticed is that because there are more games that have been around for a long time, they’re ‘live games’, and being able to update them over time creates games that people are playing now that have been around for a long time. Time, got years of updates, and that It creates an expectation.

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Starfield was released on September 6, but players who pre-ordered the Premium or Constellation Edition were able to start playing on September 1.

On September 19, the game’s publisher claimed that the sci-fi RPG had reached 10 million players, making it the “largest launch in Bethesda’s history.”

Starfield was reportedly the fifth fastest selling game across Europe this year, based on launch week performance.