Titanic’s first-class list, and the victim’s pocket watch is up for auction

Rare list of Titanic shipThe first-class restaurant will be sold at auction this week. The water damaged menu shows what An ill-fated ocean shipMost of the ship’s wealthy passengers were having dinner on April 11, 1912, three days before the ship struck an iceberg, causing it to sink into the Atlantic Ocean within hours.

A pocket watch that belonged to a Russian migrant who died in the disaster was also sold at the same auction on Saturday in the United Kingdom, along with dozens of Titanic and other transport memorabilia.

The watch was recovered from the body of passenger Sinai Kantor, 34, who was emigrating on the Titanic to the United States with his wife, who survived the accident. Disaster at seaAccording to Auction house Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd. The Swiss-made watch movement is severely corroded by the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Hebrew numerals on the stained face are still visible.

A pocket watch recovered from a Titanic victim is up for auction in the UK

Courtesy Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd.

What is the list of Titanic up for auction?

The list was discovered earlier this year by the family of Canadian historian Len Stevenson, who lived in Nova Scotia, where the bodies of Titanic victims were recovered after being plucked from the water. According to the auction house.

Stevenson died in 2017, and his belongings were moved into storage, according to the auction house. About six months ago, his daughter, Mary Anita, and son-in-law, Allen, found the list in a 1960s photo album, but it was unclear how the list came into Stevenson’s possession.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: “Sadly, Len took the secret of how he obtained this list with him to the grave.” article Posted on the auction house’s website.

A Titanic menu dating back to April 11, 1912 is up for auction in the UK.

Courtesy Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd.

The menu has sustained some water damage, but the list of dishes served – including spring lamb with mint sauce, squab a la ryo and apricot bordello – is still clear.

The auction house said a set of menus from the night of April 14, when the Titanic struck the iceberg, still existed, but it could not find other first-class dinner menus from April 11.

“With the April 14 menus, passengers still had them in their coat and jacket pockets from earlier that fateful night, and they still had them when they were taken off the ship,” Aldridge said.

The pocket watch is expected to sell for at least 50,000 pounds (about $61,500), and the list is expected to sell for 60,000 pounds (about $73,800), according to the auction house.

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