“A heavy and closed environment”: Comedian Guillaume Meurice’s joke on Netanyahu sends chills down Radio France

At Radio France, it’s an increase. After a controversial joke targeting Benjamin Netanyahu on October 29, the conflict between Guillaume Meuris and public radio management reached a new stage on November 6 following a meeting between the comedian and France’s radio boss Sybil Weil. She gives him a warning, which Meurice likes“Challenge in Court”. “I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m just doing my job”, Does he have mentioned in the worldCalling“An injustice”. “I practice comedy, caricature, political satire, excess is part of it” For whom added the columnist“The limit is the law”. Contacted by our colleagues from liberationGuillaume Meurice says he has reserved public comments for his article in the next issue Great Sunday evening. Contrary to its format since the start of the season, the show, hosted by Patrick Timsit, will not be held in public this time around. “In the face of threats against one of the comedians”, Refers to Maison de la Radio’s website.

“The Need for Responsibility”

First, it all started with Guillaume Meurice’s valve, an idea“Netanyahu in Disguise” For Halloween, it will be“A kind of Nazi but without the foreskin”. Suggestions from listeners to Arkham, numerous messages to the Radio France mediator, outcry on social networks and accusations of anti-Semitism against the comedian. After her interview with Guillaume Meurice, Sibyle Veil sent an email to Radio France staff on Monday.“Duty of responsibility of media, especially public service media”, In the current geopolitical environment. ” This requirement of responsibility […] It is required of every Radio France employee, including comedians. While believing that “It does not inhibit the right to freedom of expression and caricature […] rather than calling for reason.” Comedy“It is not intended to add section to section”, The boss of the Round House writes that there should be freedom of expression“The ability to recognize an error of judgment in all humility”.

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More than a joke, Guillaume Meurice’s refusal to apologize after all caused Sibyl Weil to warn him. For his part, the comedian, assuming he’s not at fault, doesn’t see his profession openly exposed on the matter, especially outside of a radio column. Further, “The warning is a disciplinary sanction, which cannot be challenged through internal mechanisms. He has no other lever to challenge it except to approach the Industrial Tribunal. Benoit Gaspard of the SUD union explains.“Heavy and closed atmosphere”, He describes. On the side of Radio France management, “There is no comment on the specific case, everything was stated in the letter sent internally on Monday”, We will let you know.

“A matter of interpretation”: Charlene VanHonacker backs columnist Guillaume Meris after his comments about Netanyahu

“The Invention of Humor”

In the round house, feelings are shared: “Some staff think he crossed the line, others are irritated by the permission, and there is debate,” A union source says. “Journalists have a lot of work to do to keep the conflict balanced, and they don’t understand why a comedian should be allowed to get away with it for free. Another elected official from the Round House explains. In this sense, Sybil Weil’s email, especially what she calls the “requirement of accountability,” was well-received by employees appearing on air. The way to do it – even if Radio France sends an email to everyone – is not understood by everyone. Like the France Bleu complex, it is far from the controversies that roil the Parisian headquarters.

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Among unions, we question the motives of Sybil Weil, and see it as a way to reassure the outside world, especially the political world. Incite mistrust of public radio, considered too left-wing, shared from the center to the right. An example: the particularly vocal, Horizons deputy and member of the board of directors of Radio France, Jeremy Patrier-Leedus, went to Pascal Pratt’s collection on CNews on November 3, and then to Cyril Hanouna on C8, to denounce the words of Guillaume Meurice. , “A political activist” According to him.

For his part, Guillaume Meurice also wants to continue“For defamation and public contempt” Who is Deputy Mayor Habib (corresponding LR)? Qualified“Little Anti-Semitic Bugs” On that day. Until then, by definition, Guillaume Meurice posted essentially a “front page”. Charlie Hebdo, “The Invention of Humor” With a caveman, oil in one hand, fire in the other. He asked the matter through Tribune Sunday Last weekend, the publication’s director Riz separated himself from his fellow satirist.“Charlie’s Spirit Has a Good Back”, Praise a spirit“More subtle and difficult to master than it seems”.

The Meurice case no doubt sparked discussions at Arkham, where many public and private audiovisual leaders were invited on Tuesday 7 November.“Discuss Treatment” Conflict between Israel and Hamas. The media regulator has indicated in a statement that it should be avoided“Haste generalizations, stereotyping and sensationalism” As we talk on air about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, “Especially sensitive”.

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