Three deaths and massive power outages after severe weather in Ukraine | War in Ukraine

At least three people were killed by falling trees in Kiev on Saturday and hundreds of towns found themselves without power due to severe weather in Ukraine, where the power grid has been weakened by Russian bombing.

“Due to bad weather, 1,880 localities in 16 regions have been cut off from the electricity network”, including Kiev, the Interior Ministry pointed out in a telegram in the evening, revising figures given in the morning upwards.

Khmelnytsky, Rivne and Lviv regions in the west of the country were the worst affected, he said. The ministry said that 3 people died and 10 people were injured due to the wind storm. The Energy Ministry indicated in the morning that at least 300,000 people were without power.

Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure was the target of massive Russian bombing in the winter of 2022, plunging millions of people into darkness and cold. Although repairs are underway, Ukraine has said it expects a new bombing campaign this winter and is asking Western allies for new anti-aircraft defense systems.

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