These cities are considered the most welcoming cities in the world

Discovering a new country or a new city is good. But it's good to have a good reception. It makes the trip even more memorable. The hospitality of the locals is the deciding factor for a successful stay. Statistics site Insider Monkey recently published a list of the most popular cities. Good news, five locations are in Europe.

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European countries are in good shape

Based on the results obtained, Calgary is the most welcoming city located in the province of Alberta, Canada. Locals are said to be particularly generous and attentive to the needs of tourists. The second place is occupied by the European capital: Madrid. Its benefits? A caring and smiling welcome while “retaining its unique identity”, all in a dynamic and pleasant atmosphere. Finally, the stage was completed by the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The people of Lisbon are said to be particularly friendly to travelers.

Portugal seems to be the most welcoming country in Europe, with Porto ninth in the rankings. The Old Continent is in the spotlight with Venice (7th) and Dublin (10th). What about Belgium? Unfortunately, no city in the country is listed, neither in the top 10 nor in the top 30.

To get all this data, Insider Monkey used the following method: Platform experts listed positive reviews in discussion threads on the Reddit platform. Users are used to writing about their vacation experiences and don't hesitate to mention whether the reception was satisfactory or not. Searches are about solo travel, digital nomads, but also couple or group travel. “Each city received a rating based on the number of mentions. Every time a city was mentioned, it received a rating of 1. So, the more mentions and mentions, the higher the rating and ranking. The higher,” we read on Insider. Monkey website.

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Top 10 Most Welcoming Cities in the World

1. Calgary (Canada)

2. Madrid (Spain)

3. Lisbon (Portugal)

4. Melbourne (Australia)

5. Toronto (Canada)

6. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

7. Venice (Italy)

8. Porto (Portugal)

9. Sydney (Australia)

10. Dublin (Ireland)

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