Another huge wave of 1,000GB soft updates is rolling out across 18 Xbox games

Love it or hate it, developers and publishers aren't slowing down when it comes to adding easy 1000GB title updates to their games. With the majority coming from eastasiasoft, 18 quick completions have recently been updated with free and easy title updates worth 1000GB each.

These updates first came to prominence in 2020 when publisher Xitilon began adding simple lists of five achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore each via free updates to its back catalog of games. This proved divisive at the time among the achievement hunting community, with some saying it devalued Gamerscore.

Since then, many developers and publishers have jumped on the game's easy update bandwagon, including eastasiasoft, which added nearly 20,000GB in easy title updates in one fell swoop early last year. Now the publisher has done the same thing again.

We recently got 18 game updates worth 1000GB each across 18 games, 16 of which are from Eastasiasoft. The two games that are not from eastasisoft are Taco Tom 2 and Akinofa. Here is the complete list:

Xbox games updated with easy title updates of up to 1000GB

Last year, we saw Microsoft trying to clamp down on easy Gamerscore titles by introducing changes to the rules governing achievements. However, it seems that for whatever reason, developers and publishers have managed to get around these rules when it comes to title updates. As part of our Xbox 2024 predictions, we think Microsoft could put an end to easy 1,000GB title updates this year with more rule changes.

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