Live – War in Ukraine: Wagner Group claims to have captured part of Bagmouth

Despite the heavy defenses of the Ukrainians, the Russian army vowed to take Baghmouth to continue its offensive. Buckmuth”Critical point (lines) of defense of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbass.Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.Its capture will allow for new deep offensive operations“, he added during a meeting.

But Ukraine’s president told CNN that his armed forces will remain in Baghmut. “I had a meeting yesterday with the Chief of Staff and Army Chiefs […] And they all said we should be strong in Bakmut“, he said in this exclusive interview.

Although Bagmouth’s strategic value is disputed, given the heavy losses suffered on both sides, the city gained symbolic and tactical importance. It is the longest and deadliest war since the Russian invasion broke out in February 2022. A city of just 4,000 people, compared to 70,000 before the invasion, was largely destroyed.

This Wednesday evening, Wagner’s group claimed to have captured part of the city. “Wagner’s units captured the entire eastern part of Bagmout and all east of the Bagmoutka River.Evguéni Prigojine, head of the paramilitary organization, said in an audio message, passing through the small town of Donbass.

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