“The village has beautiful architecture and art, but it is slowly emptying out”

When the weather is nice and warm, do you want to go far for a reasonable price? Now that’s a little more possible thanks to this publicity stunt by the town of Presicce in Italy. This small coastal town is located in Puglia, just south of the heel, commonly known as Salento by the locals.

According to CNN, the city of Precis is trying to attract visitors who welcome diversity and new faces. “Cindaco”, (understand the mayor) Alfredo Balis said: “There are many empty houses in the historic center built before 1991, which we would like to see renovated with new residents. »

The average price of these houses is 25,000 euros. To this amount should be added the cost of renovation work. So in order to attract new buyers, Presicce says it is ready to invest almost 25,000 euros for new buyers.


The town council believes the village has “amazing architecture and art” but is “slowly emptying out”. In fact, many Italians migrate north in search of work.

Bales continues: “We will offer up to 25,000 euros to people who want to settle here and buy one of the abandoned houses. So the funding will be divided into two parts: it will be used partly to buy an old house and to renovate it if necessary. »

As the contract is still being finalised, there is not much information available at the moment, but it appears that more information will be posted on the municipality’s website.

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To qualify, you must agree to become a full-time resident and purchase one of the properties built before 1991.

According to CNN, the beautiful city will be able to pay that money to new residents after it merges with the neighboring city in 2019 to become Presicce-Acquarica.

For now, we don’t know how many people Bresiche is willing to pay to settle there.


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