The US Congress is mired in crisis

Republican elected officials withdrew their support for Trump confidante Jim Jordan in a secret ballot this Friday and announced they would meet on Monday to nominate a new candidate.Speaker“.

Hours earlier, 25 Republicans voted against the Ohio elected official, his third defeat in four days since he was elected from Perch. The post has been vacant since the historic dismissal of Kevin McCarthy on Oct. 3 following a rift between moderate Republicans and Trump supporters.

For nearly three weeks, the lower house of the US Congress, considered one of the most powerful parliaments in the world, has been unable to vote on any bill.

We are in a very bad positionKevin McCarthy agreed.

Serious situation

It was in this environment of deadlock and political chaos in the House that Joe Biden on Friday requested a $105 billion increase in the budget specifically to support and respond to the challenges of Ukraine and Israel, the allies of the United States, which are involved in major international crises. Preceded by the settlement on the southern border of the country.

We need to lift the House ban. I expect the Senate to begin work on President Biden’s national security package soonHakeem Jeffries, chairman of the Democratic Party’s parliamentary committee in the House of Representatives, told reporters.

If the house barrier is not removed, it will deteriorate unnecessarily and endanger lives. This is a serious condition“, he insisted.

To get out of the crisis, Jeffries called to find “”Speaker“It’s a product of choice from both political sides.

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