UN calls 'unacceptable' attacks on rescue workers in Lebanon

The UN condemned the attacks on Thursday, March 28 “unacceptable” Against the rescuers in Lebanon. “The tragic events of the past 36 hours have led to numerous casualties and injuries in southern Lebanon. Up to eleven civilians were killed in a single day, including ten rescue workers.”UN Coordinator for Lebanon Imran Riza announced. For nearly six months, the Lebanese Islamist movement Hezbollah and its allies in the Gaza Strip say they want to support Hamas in its war with Israel. Follow our live stream.

There is still no “immediate ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip. Clashes between the Israeli army and Hamas continued, particularly near the cities of Gaza (north of the enclave) and Khan Yunis (south) on Thursday. The Israeli army is continuing its operation launched on March 18 in the al-Sifa hospital compound in Gaza City and near the Nasser and al-Amal hospitals in Khan Yunis. Palestinian news agency Wafa also reported clashes in various locations in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas reported 62 additional casualties in the Gaza Strip in 24 hours. The Hamas Health Ministry has announced that 32,552 people have died since October 7.

US shoots down four Houthi drones in Red Sea US Middle East Command reported no injuries or damage In social network Wednesday. Yemen's Houthis have been carrying out drone and missile attacks in the Red Sea for months, claiming they are acting in support of the Palestinians.

Israel renegotiates with US over proposed Rafah offensive A senior US official said on Wednesday that Benjamin Netanyahu's services were available “They said they wanted to find a new date to organize a meeting dedicated to Rafa”. The meeting was held at the UN to discuss Israel's planned ground attack on Gaza City, home to more than 1.5 million Palestinians. A “Immediate Ceasefire” In the Gaza Strip.

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