The sun is back this weekend, where and when to take advantage of it?

This Friday will be cloudy and rainy with a chance of localized showers and thunderstorms from the north. Highs in the country will be between 16 and 19 degrees, with Ardennes between 14 and 16 degrees. In the morning, the wind will change from the north direction and in the afternoon it will move towards the north-east direction.

On Saturday morning, the weather will please more than one with a sunny start. On the other hand, the afternoon will be cloudy at times with the possibility of localized waves.

In the South-East, the weather will be patchy clouds, which will settle in the sky, and there is a risk of numerous and localized thunderstorms.

In the sea and Hautes Fagnes, the maximum will be 14 to 15 degrees to 21 degrees in the center. Moderate winds blow offshore, though strong from the north-northeast.

As for Sunday, beautiful clears are expected. But cumulus clouds will appear inland, accompanied by rain, especially in the eastern part of the country, with thundershowers in some areas. On the other side of the country, the weather will be dry and sunny with highs of 14 to 20 degrees and light to moderate northerly winds.

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