The sinking of Titan: A new theory could explain the explosion of the submarine

Since then, many investigations have been underway to understand how Titan could have sunk so deep into the North Atlantic. “Right now, the priority is to recover the elements from the seabed.”Captain Jason Neubauer said a few weeks ago.

At the start of the research, criticism of OceanGate, the company organizing the expedition, resurfaced. David Lockridge, who was fired in 2018, has already “An experimental design“of the submarine, and provoked”OceanGate refuses to conduct critical, non-destructive testing”.

“I will not pay tribute to the victims of the submarine Titan”

After reading So many possibilities A hatch problem, a problem with the hull, or a porthole not supporting the pressure of depth, all add up to a new hypothesis.

According to the New York Times, the mother ship responsible for transporting the Titan will be buggy. It was the Polar Prince, a decommissioned icebreaker, that was responsible for bringing the Titan to its destination. Voyage to the wreck of the Titanic, during which the submarine may have been damaged. The investigation is ongoing and no conclusion has yet been reached.

Due to the high price, the choice of economy would have been made.

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