Why are eggs not refrigerated in stores?

If you store eggs outside of the refrigerator in stores, they can be cooled directly at home.

DIn stores, eggs are kept outside the refrigerator, at home they are kept directly in the refrigerator. According to the Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain, this is completely normal: “TheEggs must be kept at a constant temperature to maintain their quality. »

Fluctuations in temperature can cause condensation on the eggshell. “Due to this condensation phenomenon, bacteria can easily grow inside the egg through the microbial shell,” reports Afska, noting that temperature fluctuations should therefore be avoided as much as possible.

Why keep it in the refrigerator at home? “They stay fresh for a long time. Once refrigerated, it’s best not to take the eggs out until ready to use, so that the temperature doesn’t change,” explains Afska.

Therefore, the federal agency recommends keeping eggs cool and protected from light to preserve their freshness and reduce the risk of salmonellosis. “A raw egg can be kept for about four weeks from the day of laying,” Afska’s press release noted.

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