The Russian journalist who exploded on television says, “This is Putin’s war, not the Russian people’s war.”

“Times have been very dark and very difficult, and every person with a civic opinion and every person who wants to express that opinion needs to have their voice heard. This is very important,” he said in an interview with an American television channel. ABC. “The Russian people are really at war, this is Putin’s war, not the Russian people’s,” he argued.

Marina Ovsyanikova appeared live during a much-watched news broadcast in Russia last Monday on the Pervy Canal Channel, with a board criticizing Moscow’s military action in Ukraine and condemning the “propaganda” of the state-controlled media.

At the ABC, he explained that he wanted to do something that would “have more impact and attract more attention” than the street protests being suppressed by the police.

“I was able to see what was really going on in Ukraine and that my channel’s shows were very different,” he said.

Appearing with a sign on his hand behind the newspaper editor, the 43-year-old journalist wanted to “show the world that Russians are anti-war, expose what propaganda it is and encourage people to condemn war.” .

“I believe my action will change people’s minds in a way,” he concluded.

Marina Ovsyanikova, who was briefly arrested and later released on a simple fine, left the channel, endangering criminal proceedings punishable by severe imprisonment under the provisions of the latest law suppressing “misinformation”. Russian Army.

Nearly a thousand Russians were arrested during anti-war protests this Sunday

At least 937 people were arrested in anti-war protests in 38 cities in Russia on Sunday, according to a report by human rights defenders in Russia. The OVD-Info reports that the protests took place in the capital, Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladivostok.

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According to the organization, more than 15,000 people have been arrested in Russia during anti-war protests since the outbreak of war in Ukraine on February 24.

The Russian government has launched criminal proceedings against anti-war activists and protesters against Vladimir Putin. According to the same source, at least 37 legal proceedings are currently pending against 43 people.

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