The relaunch of Multiversus has already upset its competitive fans

Multi, a Warner Bros. game. The cross-platform fighter starring Batman, Shaggy, Arya Stark and more has been released for real this time after going into… Hibernates for a year. Now that the game is back and out of beta, the fighting game community is evaluating whether it can have the longevity of fighting games like… Super Smash Bros. Some have already realized that smaller local leagues, which often keep the game scene alive, may have trouble getting it up and running. Multi. This is because one significant change to the free-to-play model may make it expensive to host Multi Championships.

on Multi com.subreddit, fans are raising issues regarding the game’s character selection restrictions for local matches. In short, you can now only use characters you’ve unlocked through in-game currency in offline battles. This wasn’t the case in the original beta (you can play any character offline) and has dampened some fans’ enthusiasm about the game’s return. Open character in Multi It costs 1,000 in-game Gleamium coins or 3,000 Fighter coins, which can either be earned through grinding, or purchased with real money for $10. Multi It only has a few free-to-play characters at a time, and it rotates.

“Stuff like this is a nightmare for tournament play,” Reddit user Dr_PuddingPop wrote. “Big companies can buy all the characters for a large number of consoles, but any grassroots base is going to have a problem.”

Some fans defended the decision, claiming that… Multi It needs to make money somehow and with the free-to-play model, that’s just the nature of the beast.

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“Everyone is entitled to that these days,” 420BiaBia wrote. “11 years ago killing instinct It was created using exactly the same character for monetization and rotating demo characters and was praised. Now everyone expects every F2P game to offer all the core content for free at launch. This game you need to earn money to survive.

This change has taken the wind out of some fans’ sails and made some hesitant to return at all. Especially since it has now become impossible to try out characters before paying for them.

“Wait, characters are locked during local shared screen PvP,” Reddit user ThaBrownie wrote. “Because that’s all I play Multi to. All the hype has been thrown out the window for me.

Multi It was only back online for a day, so it’s entirely possible that these changes will be reverted in a future update. Some fans suggest that those who were unhappy with these changes called Warner Bros. And developer Player First Games knows this.

EntertainerStill7495 wrote: “Send your feedback.” “It’s a live service game, so there’s a chance they’ll listen when there’s enough outrage around it. Features like this should be at launch, there’s no doubt about that. But leaving feedback could ultimately be helpful if they decide to listen.”

Kotaku I contacted Warner Bros. and Player First Games for comment on the situation and we will update the story if we hear back.


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