The Pixel 7a’s new mid-bezel design proves durable and easy to fix

The Pixel 7a uses an “all-new mid-body construction” that leads to Google claiming it’s the “most durable A series yet,” especially against drops, while the design also makes it better for repairs.

With last year’s Pixel 6a, JerryRigEverything’s Endurance test It was able to lift the screen out of the body when pushed from behind. However, the screen then “seals, leaving us with no cracks, kinks, or breaks of any kind”.

This year, “almost no flex at all when leaning in from the back and again almost no flex when leaning in from the front” from Pixel 7awhich is much better than Pixel 7 Pro is more expensive.

Meanwhile, a video from PBKreviews shows how the Pixel 7a can be disassembled from the back and front. This is important for repairs as you can just remove the screen without having to interact with any other component, while removing the battery only involves removing the back panel and the wireless charging coil for access.

Cracked screens and new batteries are common points of repair, especially if you want to make a phone last several years, and Google made both quick to fix. This benefits and speeds up your internal repair process and your business.

It is similar to what Apple did With iPhone 14The rear glass can be quickly removed without having to go through the front.

What’s notable about the Pixel 7a’s back piece is that it’s one piece with the camera strip attached to the plastic back plate. With the Pixel 6a, I removed the portion below the camera.

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