The Pinkertons are threatened with imprisonment on the cards

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yesterday, Kotaku mentioned that Magic: The Gathering The maker of Wizards of the Coast sent Pinkerton detectives after a YouTuber after he mistakenly purchased an upcoming booster box for the collectible card game before its release date. Today, the broadcast revealed more details about exactly what these hired cops said to convince him to hand over his cards.

Dan Cannon said in a Youtube The video he bought hasn’t been released yet The March of the Machine: After Friday booster boxes from a local dealer while thought to be part of the recently released version machine march hiring. It seems likely that someone in the WotC distribution network screwed up, and may have sent the wrong boxes due to similarly named product lines, and ended up with MtG Cards that are not supposed to be for sale. After he posted about these cards on the Internet, Pinkerton agents appeared to intimidate him into returning the cards to WotC. (Wizards of the Coast confirmed Kotaku via email that she has hired private investigators as part of her investigations).

“[The Pinkerton agents] He cited numerous laws related to copyright infringement and some other things that threaten 1-10 years in prison and fines of up to $200,000 if you fail to cooperate,” Dan Cannon said. Kotaku via email. “They also said if I didn’t turn in the product, they would call the county sheriff and detain us until they got there to arrest us and search my house for the product, and that they would most likely force us to show us the receipts for every magic card in the house (which is literally over a million cards).” Kotaku We have reached out to Wizards of the Coast, but had not received a comment at the time of publication.

If the Pinkertons claim they’ll get over a million cards, that’s really hard work from them. No wonder companies have relied on them to frustrate unions with responsibility and control over workers. Kotaku I reached out to Pinkerton to ask whether or not this procedure was typical of their investigation, but had not received a response by the time of publication.

Pinkerton It now announces itself As a risk and security management company, but the organization has Dirty role in American history As strikebreakers and union spoilers. They no longer shoot steelworkers or infiltrate railroad strikes, but their recent history is no less anti-workers. Pinkerton is reportedly used by Amazon To spy on European workers engaging in union activity. Tech companies like Facebook and Google have also named the agency Spying on their employees.

Cannon said Kotaku He is currently unsure about filing a lawsuit.

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