The physical release of Starfield may not include a disc

In another bad move for physical preservation, Bethesda coming starfield Apparently it will not have a physical release.

Earlier today, as spotted by Wario64, a Twitter user asked the official Bethesda Support Twitter account if the “physical standard edition of Starfield for Series X” includes a disc, with the support account responding, “Hey! All physical editions include code for the platform.” Selected. No physical discs.” Bethesda’s support tweet has since been deleted. This practice of releasing a physical box that includes code is relatively common for box releases of indie games, but thus far has not occurred much in the AAA space.

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Starfield is the latest, and easily the biggest game to confirm that it will never receive a release on any kind of disc. Earlier this year, Remedy announced that Alan Wake 2 would be getting a digital-only release, apparently with the reason being to keep the game’s cost less. It also looks like Like a Dragon Gaiden will also be getting a digital-only release, in the West at least. But it’s clearly undeniable that Starfield is the highlight of all of these titles. Aside from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Bethesda’s latest game will easily be the biggest game of the year.

As noted in a tweet from Bethesda support, “All physical editions include a code,” which means that the cool $300 Constellation Edition will only have a code in a box, too.

Given that the tweet was deleted, it’s entirely possible that some form of miscommunication occurred, despite the growing trends towards digital-only releases, unfortunately, which wouldn’t be surprising if that were the case. Better keep an eye on Bethesda’s official social media channels for more updates.

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Starfield is set to release on September 6th on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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