The original Switch reveal trailer has been removed from Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Image: Damian McFerran/Nintendo Life

Get ready to put on your detective hats, guys, because there’s a mystery afoot. The Nintendo Switch reveal trailer — you know, the one in which groups of trendy people play the up-and-coming console in memorable, realistic settings like a rooftop party or on a basketball court — has been removed from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

This was first brought to our attention by a Reddit user Caravan on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours And sure enough, looking at the YouTube channel in question, the reveal trailer is nowhere to be found. Of course, the video remains available on the Internet through external outlets (which were published by… GameSpotfor example), so you can still find inspiration for the weird and wonderful location you’ll play your Switch in next, but the question still remains: why was it removed from its initial source?

The simple (and probably sad) answer is that they were removed due to a music licensing issue. The trailer’s backing song, “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)” by White Denim, is a song, as one Reddit user says. They call me Radek He notes that he is facing some legal troubles after the track’s initial distributors were recently acquired by another company. Questions about the song TRUE Usually, an owner would be enough reason to remove a video like this, and there’s a good chance we’ve seen exactly that in this case.

But what if there is another reason? CaravanNintendo’s original post notes that Nintendo has intentionally removed reveal trailers in the past to make room for them lastmaybe Connected Announcement around the corner. We may be swapping our detective hats for tinfoil ones, but could we possibly see something similar happening here – after all, ‘Switch 2’ rumors continue to circulate with higher and higher intensity every week. Is the removal of the OG Switch trailer a sign of things to come?

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There’s every possibility that Nintendo will clear out the runway here, to make room for something else in the future, though our logical brains can’t help but lean towards the first, which is somewhat more boring option – and it certainly won’t be anything as big as a Switch successor. It bothered us so close to the holiday season, didn’t it… right?

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