The origin of this car is stranger than it looks

Thanks to a video posted by Edd China on YouTube, we got a glimpse of one of the strangest custom-made cars ever. This unique construction was commissioned by a robotic lawn mower company called Friendly Robotics to create a 3-to-1 drivable replica of a robotic lawn mower. The resulting design was an amazing custom-built vehicle that is sure to capture the interest of onlookers and help publicize the use of robotic lawn mowers.

The friendly robots wanted to generate some interest in the robotic lawn mower offerings. They took a page straight out of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile And I decided to connect with the team at Cummfy Banana to build a drivable robotic butcher. This unique design was recently discovered by Reddit fans R/WeirdWheels who discovered Edd China’s YouTube video from 2011.

According to the description of the YouTube video from Edd China, this drivable robot has the characteristics of a lawn mower Three seats side by side like a McLaren F1 and Gordon Murray’s new T.50 Hypercar, a Land Rover-derived V8, and a four-speed VW Type 2 transmission. To achieve the look of a robotic lawn mower, a custom tubular chassis was used along with custom-made fiberglass body panels. The video description shows that the specially designed £4,500 windshield was destroyed because a truck laden with gravel flipped its devastating load in front of a robotic lawn mower.

The structure was eventually converted into the record-breaking Chasie Lounge in Edd which is also known as the fastest sofa in the world according to Guinness World Records.

Today’s friendly robots is called Robomow and still sells the latest robotic lawn mowers to customers looking to automate the lawn mowing process. Beginning in 1995, Robomow has continued to push the boundaries of robotic lawn mower technology since debuting in 1998 the first consumer-grade robotic mower. This innovative machine sold 4,000 units between 1998 and 2001. Today, this innovative company continues to push the boundaries of robotic lawn mowers even without the promotional vehicle for a full-scale robotic lawn mower.

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