The new “sofa gate”? Ursula van der Leyn is deceived by a Ugandan minister in front of Charles Michael.

Uganda’s foreign minister boycotted the European Commission meeting last Thursday. During a photo shoot, JJ Otongo ignored Ursula van der Leyen. The President of France intervened and greeted him. Charles Michael was with. Some have pointed out that he did not respond. But his spokesman assures him he did not notice anything. The scene that revives the “Sofagate” controversy.

Last Thursday, African ministers marched for a photo shoot at a summit between the European Union and the African Union. When Uganda’s system came with Minister JJ Otongo, he nodded to the head of the commission before going his own way. Later, the Minister shook hands with the President of the European Council Charles Michael and President Emmanuel Macron.

French President Ursula invites Van der Leyen to greet him. But JJ Otongo did not react. By his side, Charles Michael is insensitive. Emmanuel Macron insists and the Ugandan minister exchanged a few words with the president without any handshake. The entire scene was filmed and posted on Twitter.

The President returned to a bed in Turkey

This story is reminiscent of another. The facts are as of April 6 in Turkey. During a meeting, Ursula van der Leyen is rearranged on a sofa, while Charles Michel and Turkish President Erdogan sit in their chairs between men.

On Twitter today, Charles Michael’s attitude stands alone above all else. A lawyer accuses him of not learning anything from the famous “Sofagate”. In another tweet, a communications consultant goes further. “Mad with rage … How can #sofagate happen again? This is not an ethical issue, it’s a disrespectful issue of the EU’s top body.”She wrote.

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“President Charles Michael simply did not see”

Charles Michael defends himself through his communications adviser. According to him, the President of the Council of Europe was talking to Emmanuel Macron, his head turned towards him. He would not have seen what happened. “I can tell you what he said. He said to her: “Really, didn’t he shake hands?” And Emmanuel Macron replied: “Yes, he passed without shaking hands”. That’s what happened. President Charles Michael did not see the passing of Minister Madame van der Leyen. If it turns out to be female hate, obviously everyone will condemn it. It’s very obvious, “he said. Zurek Guskievich, communications consultant for Charles Michael, promises.

Ursula Von der Leyen has not responded yet. The German recalled that at that time he and Charles Michael had the same quality. The incident actually sparked a debate between the two presidents over the distribution of international roles.

For his part, General Otongo released a photo of the session in question without any reference to his missed handshake.

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