Justine’s body found: Suspect admits to raping and killing young woman

A suspect in police custody in connection with the disappearance of Justine Wyrock this weekend in Privilege has confessed to killing a 20-year-old woman, Justice Department sources and people close to the file learned Thursday. Later, the body of the deceased was found at the place indicated by the suspect.

Four days after Justine Wyrock disappeared in Privilege this weekend, the suspect admitted to raping and killing the 20-year-old in police custody on Thursday. BFMTV notes that investigators went to the indicated location near his home and found the body there.

Investigators found traces of blood in the room and the young man’s car, which must be presented to an investigating magistrate in Limoges on Thursday, Brivin’s lawyer, Emily Abrantes, indicated to the press on Wednesday.

They found Justin Wyrock’s handbag “shot near the house of the person in the police station,” in Beynaud, a village twenty kilometers east of Brive, he added.

At the end of police custody on Thursday morning, the suspect confessed to the murder and pointed to an area near his house to search for the body of the young woman, the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old child. – This was mentioned from a source close to the file.

He confessed to raping her, we learned from judicial and police sources. The Limoges attorney will hold a press conference this Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Justine Wyrock, from Darriac, a neighboring department of Lot, disappeared on Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., near a nightclub in Prive, “La Charrette,” where she had spent the evening with friends.

Justin Wyrock’s mother was worried she hadn’t heard from him since Sunday because he had a “fusional” relationship with her daughter, who “lives 50 meters from his house,” she explained to a reporter earlier in the week. From AFP.

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Drives and divers

80 gendarmes and police

The suspect, who was “friendly” with Justin Wyrock, would be the last person seen with him before he disappeared, according to Ms Abrantes.

According to the testimonies gathered in Beynot by AFP reporter, he is a young farmer of 21 years old.

He is a member of the soccer club in this rural town of about 1,300 people, and even went to a match his team played on Sunday, hours after Justin Wyrock disappeared, but he did not play, he said. Club member who wishes to remain anonymous.

In Beynot, police continued their search in earnest on Thursday morning in an attempt to find the young woman, this AFP correspondent noted.

From Monday evening, “Substantial evidence gathered to find Justin Wyrock”, According to Prive’s lawyer, along with 80 gendarmes and police officers, a watch dog “Specializing in Finding People”A helicopter and a drone equipped with thermal cameras.

Justine Wyrock was training at the Privilege to become a caregiver, according to an elected municipal official in the city.

She was separated from her child’s father, who lives in Toulouse, but things were going “well” between them and, according to her mother, she had custody of the boy.

On the evening of his death, his daughter “Drunk, sick, asked to go out” From the nightclub. “Her new boyfriend was waiting for her”She also said.

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