The migration of storks has started. A sight to behold for a few days

Vacation is coming to an end soon. And the end of summer in a month. Nature tells us. Autumn is approaching. The storks that come here to nest and breed at the end of spring have already gone to Africa to spend the winter there.

Several photographers met last night between Charleroi and Quinn at Darcy’s. About sixty storks stopped there to eat and rest before their long journey. Their presence has not escaped enthusiasts:“We are returning from Vichy with my husband, A woman passing by explains. We return to Nivelles. I always look up and always have my camera. I saw a stork on a lamppost and asked my husband to stop.. Stop at the right time. A neighbor confirms this: “I’ve lived here a stone’s throw away for 33 years. I’ve never seen a herd like this. What I like about animal photography is not disturbing the animals. There, they look perfectly Zen. We can get. A little closer, they don’t seem bothered.”.

Olivier Bourgi is a professional photographer. Upon hearing of such a gathering, he jumped into his car armed with his telephoto lens: ” “Oli, there’s a wonderful flock of storks here,” a friend called to me. And it’s absolutely beautiful. It was a magical moment. We could quietly observe them eating plants or worms. Now they rest at the streetlights along the N5. In the background is a magnificent moon. It makes great photos. Life is beautiful. Nature is beautiful”.

The stork migration is still in its early stages and you may see this magnificent bird far from your home for the next few days.

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