The issue of Ukraine’s “neutrality” is being “thoroughly explored,” Zhelensky said

In an interview with the media on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky promised that the question of “neutrality” in Ukraine, one of the focal points of talks with Russia to end the conflict, had been “deeply studied.”

One of the clauses of the talks, “Security guarantees and neutrality, the nuclear disarmament of our state,” he announced in this online interview aired on the telegram channel of the Ukrainian presidential administration. “We are ready to accept it. “, He continued. “This point of negotiation (…) is under discussion, which is deeply explored“, He promised.

“But I do not want this to be another Budapest memoir style paperThe President further noted the agreements signed by Russia in 1994 guaranteeing the unity and security of the three former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, in exchange for the abandonment of nuclear weapons obtained from the Soviet Union.

Mr. Zelensky spoke in a video conference interview that lasted more than an hour and a half, with reporters from the opposition television channel Dojd, the independent platform Meduza – whose sites are blocked in Russia – and the daily Kommersant. In Russia, Russian telecommunications policeman Roskomnadzor told the Russian media not to publish the interview, pointing out that an investigation had been launched against those involved in the interview.


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