Florida significantly restricts the right to abortion in the wake of the election campaign

The US government now prohibits any voluntary termination of pregnancy after six weeks, compared to the previous fifteen weeks. Joe Biden blamed Donald Trump for this “atrocity.”

Florida's most restrictive abortion rights law went into effect on Wednesday and US President Joe Biden has taken Republican Donald Trump to task. “The Dream”. The former US president continues to congratulate himself for being at the helm of a stunning reversal of the Supreme Court's jurisprudence in June 2022. He gave the institution a very conservative structure, and then the right-wing disintegrated defenses at the federal level. Abortion, returning responsibility to the states.

“Today, a radical abortion ban takes effect in Florida, banning many women from having abortions before they even know they're pregnant.”, Joe Biden said in a statement. US Vice President Kamala Harris visits the Republican state of Florida and delivers a speech criticizing Trump for banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Last week Joe Biden, 81, visited this southeastern state, one of the nation's most populous states, which twice voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Democrats are trying to make abortion a key issue in the 2024 presidential election, hoping it will be a way to win votes against Donald Trump.

“Monitored and Punished”

Effective Wednesday, Florida has banned any voluntary pregnancy after six weeks, compared to fifteen weeks previously. Before Wednesday, Florida was a haven for women in the southeastern United States, where restrictions or restrictions have multiplied. Kamala Harris, the 59-year-old vice president, the first woman and the first African-American and Asian-American to hold the position, has increased her travels and announcements on the theme in recent months.

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In a speech in Jacksonville on Wednesday, he is expected to describe the bans in place in Florida and 20 other states.“Trump's Abortion Ban”. “This ban applies to many women before they know they are pregnant, which tells us that the extremists who wrote this ban don't even know how a woman's body works. Or they don't care.”She had to say, according to an extract released by her campaign team.

Kamala Harris is expected to criticize Donald Trump, who said in an interview published Tuesday in Time magazine that states could monitor women's pregnancies to see if they had an abortion despite the ban. “Under Donald Trump, it will be normal for women to be monitored and punished by the government”she said. “Joe Biden and I have a different view: We believe that no elected official should come between a woman and a doctor.”.

A politically hot topic

The former Republican president maintains an ambiguous policy on the question of abortion. He regularly boasts of his decisive role in the end of the famous judiciary “Roe vs. Wade” Defending this right, he has been careful not to overtly declare his support for a federal ban on religious claims. He gave an interview to the newspaper Time The 77-year-old president, who has been the target of several criminal proceedings, kicked off whether he would veto such legislation if re-elected.

By moving to Florida, Democrats bring the issue of abortion rights directly into the stronghold of Donald Trump, who spends most of his time at his Mar-a-Lago resort in the south of the state. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is behind the ban on abortion after six weeks. He lost in the Republican primary and announced a bill in April 2023 aimed at reducing the limit from 15 weeks to six weeks.

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In April, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the law, but left the final decision up to voters. The latter will vote on an amendment guaranteeing the right to abortion in the southeastern state in November, at the same time as presidential and legislative elections.

Voluntary termination of pregnancy has always been a politically hot topic in America, according to polls with a majority of Americans in favor of abortion rights.

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