Cecilia’s death, cut off on the highway, her family started a petition: “I didn’t know she was still alive in the car”

That Tuesday, Sombreffois was a passenger in the car, a red Renault Kangoo, driven by her partner, Bruno. At exactly 6:19 p.m., Cecilia’s brother, Jimmy, thirty years old, was on the phone with his mother about a collarbone operation he was about to have three years ago after being hit by a car and seriously injured. A conversation that ended abruptly.

Appeal launched by family of Cecilia hit by car on E19: “I want to know what happened to my daughter!”

Cecilia’s mother called again several times in vain. Before finally clicking, at 6:50 p.m. “Bruno replied, Comments by Albert Pourbaix. He told my wife very calmly that Cecilia was at home and resting.

Indeed, Cecilia did not rest. She was unable to respond as she was cut off on the E19 highway around 6:30 p.m., just before the Q8 service station at Rœulx in the direction of Brussels. Why did Bruno run away after the accident? Why did he say Cecilia was alive at 6:50pm? After all, how and why did Cecilia find footfall in the middle of the highway? “Four years after the fact, I still don’t have an answer. Albert condemns Pourbaix. I don’t even know if she was still alive in the car. The driver who hit my daughter in the dark couldn’t tell if she was standing or lying on the road.

Cecilia, a passenger in the car, suddenly pulled the handbrake, throwing herself onto the road, her friend said. © DR

Bruno (author’s note: son-in-law) allegedly told the police that he and Cecilia had been driving leisurely towards Brussels listening to music. “Suddenly, my daughter would have pulled the handbrake and forced Bruno to stop on the hard shoulder.Albert says. She then got out of the vehicle and stood in the middle of the highway, throwing herself in front of a car, which drove her into two other vehicles. I can’t believe this version. My daughter did not commit suicide. She was always smiling. He loved his daughter Maithiya deeply (Teacher’s note: 9 years old at the time) He would never have abandoned her. She was everything to her. She wouldn’t have left her alone. And went there after a few days. There are no tire marks to suggest someone pulled the handbrake at 120km/h.

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Cry from the heart of Cecilia’s dead dad in E42: “It’s so hard not to say anything”

After all, Albert says, it’s Bruno’s behavior that raises questions. “After the accident, he left my daughter there. He got back into his car, threw away my daughter’s papers, calmly answered my wife’s phone, then removed her phone. This is particularly strange. It has changed versions several times. I don’t think he’s telling the whole truth about what happened in and out of the car.

Cecilia died under mysterious circumstances four years after the events.
Cecilia died under mysterious circumstances four years after the events. © DR

Minutes after the tragedy, Bruno would have a chilling, taped conversation with a third party who was about to sell him a car. “My wife is dead. She ran away. She is dead. She ran away. I saw my wife die, I saw my wife die before my eyes. She died in front of me.” He insisted in shock to his interlocutor, who asked if he had called the emergency services and the police. “Not the police, not the police, not the police. You don’t know my background. you don’t know me I can’t call the police. are you crazy We had an argument on the highway. My wife crossed the road and ran away before my eyes. She flew into the air. Her car crashed. I couldn’t keep calm. My relatives, they are coming. They are coming to pick me up. Don’t call the police or I’ll go to jail for the rest of my life. I’m going to leave. I want to go to Spain…”

Bruno was finally arrested a few days later, at his parents’ home. He was interviewed and released a few hours later.

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Cecilia’s Death: A fight breaks out between the various parties in front of the court just before the file inspection.

Today, more than four years of events. Albert Bourbix still doesn’t know what really happened that day. He and his family are from Start an online petition “So Justice Comes. I don’t know if Bruno killed my daughter. But I am sure of one thing, you don’t abandon anyone on the expressway of the highway. We will not run to see her crushed.

As of this Sunday, Albert’s petition has already gathered nearly 13,000 signatures. Bruno is charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to render aid to a person in danger. His sentencing was due to take place last week, but a row broke out between the various parties and the verdict was postponed until November.

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