A Belgian businessman suspected of smuggling military equipment drives to intelligence

This amendment to the minutes removes it from the paragraph containing classified data regarding inter-linkages. Theory Lakhansky And SGRS may create a problem at the level of legal practice. “The change was made in an undisclosed and competitive manner.”, according to Thierry Lakhanisky’s lawyer Emmanuel de Vactor. The latter therefore filed a complaint on January 10, 2023 with a civil action for “false minutes” and “using forgery”. Asked by RTBF, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office indicated that it had indeed received such a complaint.

Additionally, by the end of 2022, a request was made to recall the investigating magistrate. The debates dragged on recently as the appeals court did not follow through on the denial request. Since the procedure at this level is written on a written basis, the court usually delivers its decision on the day of the hearing. In this case, she decided to take time to think. The verdict in the case will be announced on Wednesday, March 8.

Contacted, Emmanuel de Vactor confirmed that he had taken these steps. He did not want to mention them or comment further at this time. However, he admits it “If it turns out that my client worked for the Belgian intelligence services, in the interest of our security, another reading of the file leads to portray him as a monstrous arms smuggler, which he denies”.

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