The Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Ultra are getting a special new update

The Ultra models in the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 lineups are getting a new update. This follows the May 2024 security update that was released to all Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 series phones earlier this month.

What’s new in these highly exclusive updates?

According to the Official change logsThese new updates improve Overall stability and reliability For Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung did not go into further details about what these updates provide, nor did it reveal why only the Ultra models received them.

Some Galaxy S24 Ultra owners have mentioned The update fixes the camera issue Causes rattling/mechanical noise When recording videos and moving the camera in certain directions. This issue also plagued the Galaxy S23 Ultra, although the 2023 phone appears to have received a fix for it some time ago.

Another strange thing about these updates is the sporty build numbers S918BXXU5CXE1 And S928BXXU2AXE4 As for the S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra respectively, the reason is that they are limited to Thailand and do not appear to have been released anywhere else four days after they started rolling out in the Asian country.

We’ll have to wait and see if that changes in the coming days and if updates will also be released for the base and Plus Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 models. Meanwhile, Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Ultra owners can check if the update is available by going to their phone’s page. Settings ยป Software Update Menu and selection Download and install.

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