Robert Pattinson’s suit appears briefly in the 8-year-old Batman: Arkham Knight

You thought developer Rocksteady was done with Batman: Arkham Knight, right? Well, it looks like that might not be quite the case. Eight years after its initial release, Rocksteady’s third entry in the Arkham series has been updated to add an unexpected bit of new content – but it looks like the celebrations may have been a little premature.

Earlier today, Batman fans Reporting started The 2015 Epic Games Store release Batman: Arkham Knight has received an update that specifically adds Battinson’s Batsuit, from last year’s movie reboot, as a wearable skin.

It was a somewhat strange discovery for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that neither Rocksteady nor publisher Warner Bros. had announced the release. about their arrival or acknowledge them. The Pattsuit’s apparent Epic Games Store exclusivity seemed like an odd choice as well, and the mystery only deepened when the suit disappeared shortly after news of its release began to spread.

The prevailing theory among fans seems to be that its arrival was premature, due to some behind-the-scenes development mishaps, and that the official release of Pattinson’s suit, most likely as a free update for all platforms, will coincide with the upcoming Switch port of the Arkham trilogy – which is scheduled to launch on the 1st of December of this year.

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Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the incident, but I reached out to the publisher to see if they could shed some light on this whole weird little affair.

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