The dog, who has been missing since July, traveled from California to Michigan before finding his family

Animals – they never lose hope. After an 8-month journey, Mishka reunites with her family… 3,700 km from home. This 3-year-old little white dog went missing last July in San Diego, California, in the southwestern part of the United States. It was finally found near Detroit in the northeast of the country.

After she mysteriously disappeared, her owners, Liz and Mehrat Hooman, printed more than a thousand posters and walked her rope in hopes of coming across her. AP News Agency. It was only at the end of March that Liz and Mehrad heard from Mishka on the other side of the country, in Michigan, that a resident had seen an abandoned dog with shaggy but healthy hair. On Facebook, a local animal shelter explains that it identified the dog using its electronic chip, You can see it in our video above.

Overjoyed, Mehrat immediately drove across America from Minneapolis, where he spent his Easter vacation with his family. ” I lost my baby so I think what anyone would do to find their baby “, he told a local Detroit channel Fox 2. Videos released by the shelter show Mishka frantically wagging her tail and being petted by her family, who was finally found.

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It remains to be seen how the little dog ended up in Michigan. According to the shelter director, Mishka may have been stolen and sold because her owners' phone number is listed on her collar. ” Someone taught him to sit “, Liz told Fox 2 that she was very grateful that Mishka was safe and sound.

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