The Disappearance of Little Emile: The village’s mayor expresses “fear” and believes the residents’ case

This third great door is not yet closed”, the BFM acknowledged as a source close to the explanatory matter:To close a door, you need a few tips. We add symbols that go in one direction or the other, if these symbols are negative and the possibility decreases, we close the door. But sometimes doors stay open long after a file is closed.

Little Emile’s Disappearance: Should We Rule Out a Domestic Incident Concealed by the Family? “Everything can still change”

Little Emile’s parents gave France 2 two new unpublished photos of the little boy © France 2

France 2nd at 1:15 p.m., Vernet Francois Paulique Mayor confirmed his confidence in the outcome of the affair this Saturday, November 18, in front of Laurent Delahaus. Like all villagers, the mayor had to answer the investigators’ questions as a suspect. “We know each other. We know that people could not have done such a thing, but the investigators have no preconceived notions.”, assesses the mayor for 46 years. “This is definitely not a villager. Of course“, he says. “I don’t even doubt that anyone would have done this. It’s like a family. We still know each other. I was mayor for a long time. I know my constituents. There, I speak to you from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my thoughts”, emphasizes François Paulique.

Two months after Emily went missing, residents spoke out: “We suspected she didn’t go missing alone, now we’re sure.”

The mayor of Vernet reveals his suspicions surrounding this mysterious disappearance. “I still have this fear: What if we don’t find it? It means the village will have to live with this situation, which will be difficult,” he explains. “I can’t wait to find out what happened, it will set us free. It will take this weight off our minds and hearts.” concludes the mayor with emotion.

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