A space black MacBook Pro with anti-fingerprint seal has been unveiled in the first hands-on videos

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models announced Monday are available in a new Space Black color when configured with the M3 Pro or M3 Max chips. Notably, Apple says this finish features an “anodizing stamp” to “dramatically reduce fingerprints.”

Apple has already made the MacBook Air available in jet black, and many consider it a fingerprint magnet. Based on hands-on videos of the new MacBook Pro models shared after Apple’s event, the new anti-fingerprint seal appears to be an improvement over the MacBook Air, but more testing is needed.

In the practical video below, the edge“I get about 30 seconds to touch the new Space Black model, and yes, I think there are less fingerprints on it, but we’ll really have to see how it holds up in the real world,” said Dan Seifert of the company.

Six colors Editor-in-Chief Jason Snell said The Space Black color is “generally more resistant to fingerprints,” but he said some fingerprints are still to be expected. He also said that Space Black looks more like “dark grey” rather than actual black:

I’ve got greasy monkey paws on a Space Black laptop and I can report that Apple is as good as its word in the sense that it generally seems more resistant to fingerprints and other smudges.

But I don’t want to exaggerate this advantage: you can still see fingerprints. They are not prominent. This is an incremental improvement over something like the Midnight M2 MacBook Air, but it’s not a cure-all.

Likewise, I want to caution you not to get too excited about Apple finally making a black MacBook Pro. Space Black is not actually black like space. It is dark grey. Yes, it’s noticeably darker than the Space Gray found on the current MacBook Pros (and the new base model), but it’s still a shiny metallic gray. Darth Vader fans stand down.

Another practical video from Brian Tong:

MobileSyrupPatrick O’Rourke “I have very oily fingers and spent several minutes in the practice area trying to smear the ‘space black’ color on – I couldn’t,” he said.

GizmodoKyle Barr “I had the opportunity to get my dirty hands on the latest M3-powered MacBook Pro, and while I didn’t see a lot of stains left on the surface, it didn’t take long for Apple employees to swoop in with a microfiber cloth,” he said. hand to remove any stray spots,” so testing outside a controlled environment will be needed.

XDABrady Snyder On Space Black and fingerprints:

Although the changes to the M3 MacBook Pro are mostly internal, there is a new color called Space Black. It looks better in person than it did at Apple’s unveiling, but it’s still not black. I’d compare it to the black of an iPhone 5 or iPad mini 2. It’s still a far cry from the black we saw on polycarbonate MacBooks in the mid-2000s. As you can see in the images below, this MacBook can appear lighter and darker depending on lighting conditions, just like Apple’s Midnight Color. However, compared to this color, the MacBook Pro appears to be less attractive to fingerprints.

The new MacBook Pro models are available to order now, and most configurations will begin arriving to customers and launch in stores on Tuesday, November 7. Configurations with the M3 Max chip will launch later in November.

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