The cruise turns out to be a nightmare for the couple who claim more than a million euros from TUI: “a traumatic experience”

Dawn and her husband Ian, two Scots, booked the trip with TUI for £9,000 (about €10,000). The plan was to spend a fortnight in the Caribbean, crossing several countries. But according to the Daily Mail, five days later, the couple slipped a letter through their cabin door saying the cruise had been cancelled.


“I’m devastated,” Tan told British media. “There is no senior manager to talk to for clarification. The couple flew to Manchester, England while living in Glasgow, Scotland. “I had back pain and had to pay extra for first class seats. When we arrived in Manchester, it was another six and a half hours by bus to Glasgow. When they arrived I was paralyzed. »

The couple were reimbursed for the canceled days, with TUI giving them £400 each in vouchers or cash. Another vacationer told the Daily Mail, “The trip was a traumatic experience that left everyone mentally and physically exhausted. »

Dan and Ian, along with other passengers, are now demanding a million pounds from TUI, which they explain is due to a “technical problem with catering, which affected the usually high level of service on board. »

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