If Lily’s father had received this text from her she would still be alive…

On Tuesday evening, six teenagers got into a Nissan Navara that crashed into a tree in Picton, Australia. The results were horrific, as five of the six passengers aged between 14 and 16 died during the tragedy. The only survivor was 18-year-old Tyrell Edwards, who was driving the vehicle.

“After being released from hospital, he was arrested in Fargo and taken to Narelan police station where he was charged with five counts of dangerous driving,” police said the day after the incident.

Among the dead was 14-year-old Lily Van de Putte. His dad explains that the teenager sent him a message but it didn’t reach him. A five-word text message: “Dad, can I go out tonight? “This explains to our colleagues from the Daily Telegraph that he would never have accepted her going out because it was a weeknight.

In short, if that SMS had reached her, her daughter would have stayed at home and she would not have lost her life. However, John reveals that he holds no grudge against Tyrell Edwards because he already knows he’s going to live in such a hell.

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