The couple’s return from vacation doesn’t go as planned: “It’s horrible…”

€8,000 is what Emma and Justin Bramwell paid for a two-week all-inclusive trip to Mexico. The couple booked their holiday through TUI Liverpool Echo.

The lovers were satisfied with their vacation, but the return was more complicated than expected. In fact, their flight was canceled the first time! Following this cancellation, the couple was taken to a hotel near the airport like the rest of the passengers on the flight… but the hotel was apparently clean with nothing and bugs everywhere. “People find used condoms in their rooms. When some came to their room, there were already people inside. The food was literally inedible. People got sick. It was moist and wet. It was horrible…”, explains Emma.

The next day, the passengers were taken back to the airport, but unlucky for them, their flight was canceled a second time. Emma says people are freaking out and angry at the staff. Finally on the third day their flight left for Manchester 55 hours late. The unfortunate passengers received €600 in TUI compensation and €230 in vouchers. “We were on our own. We were treated like cockroaches. The compensation offered to us is inadequate and we are not going to accept it. We want full refunds and compensation for what we suffered”, explains the couple.

TUI apologized for the inconvenience. Not sure if these excuses are accepted by all passengers…

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