Is the daily sacrifice for ignoring the national rally? The agenda says the report is the reason

Between Quotidian, a show aired on TF1 and a national rally hosted by Yann Barthès, the atmosphere was foggy for years. To understand the origin of the tensions, the show has to go back ten years to the so-called “Le Petit Journal”.

In March 2012, as part of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen was first interviewed by Jan Bardes. This training was difficult for the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was repeatedly paralyzed. The show crew will follow her all day, in her office, in her car … She looks awkward at times, but smiles.

In October 2013, the far-right party severed ties with the newspaper. Marine Le Pen arranges an exchange with the citizens of the pension house to discuss pensions. On the spot, Petit Journal’s journalists actually discovered that this was a platform: some of the so-called “ordinary citizens” were actually elected members of the party. Moreover, their questions and the answers of the party leader were prepared in advance.

After the event, Yann Barthès’ crew was not given filming approval.

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