The beleaguered MMO game the other day was delayed indefinitely on PS5

Gone but not forgotten

The Day Before is a zombie survival MMO that we were initially anticipating on PS5, as there was little hype around it, and our imaginations wandered with comparisons to The Last of Us and The Division. We were quickly brought back down to earth by the somewhat meaningless gameplay presentation and… Strange episode Developer Fntastic failed to register the game’s name as a trademark, leading to long delays and accusations that the game… It wasn’t even real.

A new trailer for the game certainly shows it in a better light, but it comes with news of a delay on PC, as The Day Before will be released in Early Access instead of the full 1.0 version expected on December 7th. More relevant to PlayStation players, this means that the release has been delayed indefinitely on the console until the Early Access period ends. Fntastic says this should last about 6-8 months but this timeline may change.

Are you optimistic about the day before? What do you think of this latest look at gameplay? Let us know in the comments section below.

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