The Bachelor 2023 LIVE – Ex-show champ slams Zack as fans expect Kat ‘rebound’ after heartbreaking exit from Budapest

Zach continued to face backlash for his ‘gas lighting’ contestant

“I told you from the start I wouldn’t fight for someone. I told you all I wanted was for someone to fight for me,” Jess replied, with tears streaming down her face.

“So I don’t. I won’t beg you, I don’t.”

The contestant then got off the couch and Zack followed her to the door and walked out of the villa.

Later, he told the cameras that his mind was going “a million miles an hour” and that he was “at a loss”.

In a confession, he breaks down in tears saying that it was the “last thing” he expected with Jess.

Zack helps her into the car and tells her he “wishes it was different”.

Zach continued to face backlash for his ‘gas lighting’ contestant

The TV personality got defensive when he responded, “I used to get so comfortable with us, now it’s a one-on-one match?”

“What am I missing?” he asked, as Jess laughed uncomfortably through her tears.

“To not have a one-on-one, when you’re in my position that’s a big deal,” she admitted, “I don’t know where your head is. Like I’m confused.”

The couple sat in awkward silence until Zach replied, “Honestly, I feel like there’s this disconnect.

“I don’t feel more certain about this and I feel nervous. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t feel that confident,” he claimed, completely changing his tune from the start of the conversation.

“Although it’s hard and it pains me to say,” he added.

Zack faces backlash over ‘gaslighting’ contestant

The episode of The Bachelor saw the season’s frontrunner reunite with several of the girls after they were forced to quarantine with Covid-19 during a final episode.

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But after sitting down with contestant Jess Giraud, fans lashed out at Zack because they felt his behavior towards her signaled a “red flag.”

During an evening party, the reality star pulled the brunette away so they could have a private conversation where she explained her lack of confidence compared to other girls.

Zack told Jess that she had no reason to feel that way, because he felt “confident” in their relationship.

Then Jess’s tears onscreen when she explains that she was humiliated after Zack didn’t pick her up on a one-on-one date the previous week.

The former Bachelor criticizes Zack

Bachelor alum Nick Viall tweeted slamming Zack’s response when the women opened up to him.

“Every time Zach hears any woman express insecurity, instead of showing an iota of sympathy, his face sinks into disappointment,” Nicorette said.

In a follow-up tweet, the former captain shared that he thinks Zach is “well-meaning,” but that he “lack[s]experience and may have been living a very comfortable life emotionally so far.”

Zack is literally the villain of his own season.

During last week’s episode of The Bachelor, fans are claiming Zack is the “villain” after Jess comes clean about her insecurities and how upset she is that she hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date yet.

Zack got defensive and told her he “didn’t get it”, causing the conversation to escalate – which eventually led to Jess’s exit from the show.

As she was walking away, Zach became emotional and tearfully told the producers that he was “confused”.

Fans haven’t made it easy on Zack, calling him the “bad guy” of the show.

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“Zach the villain this season proved me wrong,” one fan tweeted.

Another agreed: “Zack is literally the villain of his own season.”

Who went home?

Tonight on The Bachelor, Greer was sent home for the first time after returning to the show after three weeks.

Afterwards, he sends Zack home to Brooklyn for a one-on-one meeting where he tells her that she does not feel confident in their relationship.

Finally, Kat returns home during the rose ceremony.

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