The abilities of the new League of Legends champion, Hwei, have been revealed

In the league of legends World Championship Final, developer Riot Games revealed the game’s upcoming new hero, Hwei, and what his abilities will do.

Hwei is a mage and is designed to be played in the mid lane, to fill out a portion of the game very funny With no real human wizards in this position. He is also expected to be one of the more complex heroes in this position, having 10 different abilities in his arsenal.

Hwei has three sets of basic abilities, all of which contain three actual spells. When you use one ability from each set, the other two abilities in that set will go on the cooldown as well, so it’s all about choosing the right spell from that set.

The first group of abilities are called Catastrophes, and they’re all about causing damage. Destructive Fire sends a fireball towards the target and it will explode on the first hit of an enemy, dealing damage in the area. Severing Bolt sends a delayed strike in the direction, and if it hits an isolated or isolated enemy it deals more damage. Molten Fissure then sends out a line of lava that will slow down any enemies walking into it.

Next up are Serenity abilities, which revolve around improving Hwei and his teammates. Fleeting Current sees Hwei drawing a line on the map that grants himself and his teammates movement speed if they pass through it. Pool of Reflection will provide allied heroes within its area with an instant shield, while Stirring Lights gives Hwei an attack boost that will deal extra damage when right-clicking and give him power when he hits an opponent.

Then there are Hwei Torment’s abilities which are his crowd control skills. Grim Visage will cause the first enemy it hits to flee. Gaze of the Abyss will lock on to the nearest hero and eliminate them after a short delay. The Crushing Maw will then grab any enemies stuck inside and pull them into the center.

Finally, Hwei’s ultimate is Spiraling Despair, which fires an orb that sticks to the enemy hero for a few seconds. When attached, the orb expands around an enemy and will deal DPS and slow damage to any enemies it touches. Then it explodes, causing more damage.

Hwei will be launched as part of league of legends Update 13.24, which is expected to arrive in a few weeks.

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