The smart way to play golf

Konstantin Sheiko
January 19, 2018

Golf has always been the sport of the privileged, and it will continue to hold on to this title. American Presidents play golf, and so do the CEOs and business people from all over the world. It might be somewhat cheaper to play it in the US or Australia and gets really pricey if this is your hobby and you live in Japan. No wonder there are business trips for rich Japanese tourists that include playing golf as an option when they travel overseas!

However, there is one drawback that this otherwise seemingly perfect game has: the irretrievably lost golf balls. Because no matter how good is the set of your golf clubs or your skill, sooner or later you would find yourself in a situation when you will lose your golf ball. You know well how annoying it can be to get stuck on the course trying to find your golf ball in the rough or in the woods. It is very frustrating, it costs you time, or a penalty shot as a consequence, or even going back to the tee box.  

That is why Thomas Sandel from Chipping who owns the business, and Alex Raimondi, who is the tech wizard behind the idea, created the Never Lost golf ball. You could say that it is the smartest way to play golf today. With the Never Lost you will play faster, score better, and save golf balls.

Statistically, on average 4.5 balls get lost during a round. With Never Lost balls in the bag, all you need is one, or maximum two if you cannot stay away from water. You are no longer required buying two sleeves on the way to the ?rst tee. Playing on average 10 rounds per year you will save at least 20 balls, plus you will avoid all of that tedious frustration inextricably connected to ruined playing experience when you golf balls continue escaping you as if they have the mind of their own.

Now you can find your ball everywhere. In the worst case call it unplayable, move to the side and hit it from where you are. Take the length on every shot, and remember - less frustration leads to lower scores! Play the new smart Never Lost golf ball and your little white friend just sends you a message should you lose it out of sight.

To begin with, you pair the ball with the phone, then show some golf-skills and send it on its way. If it happens to land in some difficult terrain and becomes hard to find – you can track it down with a mobile device Bluetooth app. Open the application, select the ball you are looking for and follow direction from there. The system does not pinpoint the exact location of the ball but shows signal strength increase as you get closer.

How does this technology work? Tracking devices that attach to things have been around for some time, and have undergone an impressive cycle of evolution. As a result, the costs of components have fallen drastically and size has been reduced, allowing for some clever applications, like the golf-ball-with-a-chip from Chipping. Small circuit board runs a chip with Bluetooth module + antenna, and battery supplies power; it is a simple design. All parts are available on the market at low prices and manufacturing has become a straightforward process.

First, some good news: the Never Lost golf ball conforms to all criteria to the General, Weight, Size, Spherical Symmetry, Initial Velocity, and Overall Distance Standards. It produces readings as far as 137 meters. In a less optimistic situation, the creators still expect a signal to reach 45 to 65 meters. So far, the tests conducted showed that on average it takes maximum two-three minutes to locate a golf ball. The ball is perfectly centered and aerodynamic, while its battery lasts for one year. On the down-side, you will lose the ball eventually to a pond, lake or creek, while the marketed price for six Never Lost balls is 90 Euro.

However, there is nothing worse than waiting hours on the golf course. Wouldn’t it be nice just playing through and head for the 19th hole? It is up to you to decide. One thing is for sure – if your business partner enjoys playing golf, a gift set of Never Lost golf balls just might make their day!