Taylor Swift’s 2011 “Speak Now” Marilyn Monroe moment from a new angle

Taylor Swift Once upon a time an eerily similar wardrobe Marlin MonroeThe famous moment of catharsis—something that, until now, can only be seen from one side.

Diehard Swifts probably remembers it well… In 2011 – on the heels of Taylor’s release of her OG album ‘Speak Now’ – she went on tour at the young age of 21… when she basically reached pop star status and her fame was skyrocketing .

Along the way, she stops in St. Louis for one of her performances…and while she’s performing, a gust of wind blows off the stage and starts taking her blue dress with it.

Taylor managed to handle things before they got too awkward…and she played it like a pro, and went straight back to singing/acting as if nothing had happened. This moment — which went viral at the time — was captured on video… albeit from behind.

Yes, her underwear flashed a bit – but her quick hands managed to avoid exposing her front face… which was actually captured by a (longtime) front row fan at the time, who captured what can only be described as an iconic shot, especially when you see how It reaches Marilyn’s size.

TMZ has gotten the picture… and it really is something to see, in a good way, of course. The picture is a little fuzzy, but hey — the technology back then was what it was, y’all.

Anyway, as you can see…she’s bent forward, her left hand covering the dress and the microphone in the other. In fact, her figure here is exactly like the one from MM in The Seven Year Itch – when she stood on top of a subway grate and a gust of wind blew into her clothes.

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The resemblance between the two frames is uncanny – and given how big Taylor is… you could even argue that it was fate, seeing as how naturally that happened.

The best part about revisiting this time around is that Taylor is about to re-release Speak Now (Taylor’s version) after nearly 13 years…

Interestingly, she’s back on the tour again…and tied more than ever. And yes, while she asked her loyalists John Mayer release On this navigation – it didn’t help much, unfortunately. Anyway, one star gives birth to another…the circle of life!

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