Ale Edin is an example of integration under threat of expulsion at Cherbourg

Ale Edin was threatened with deportation after Ursaf services discovered he had a false Spanish identity card during a search in mid-June. The young Moroccan arrived in France four and a half years ago and has been working at the Café du Port de Cherbourg since August 2022. Blame it,” says cafe manager Sandrine Boulain. France blue. “I confess to this day that I am discouraged and don’t know what to do anymore”.

Since the raid, Ale Edin, affectionately called “Aladdin” by his colleagues, has been placed under house arrest and forced to report to the Border Police (PAF) every morning. He fears an exodus could happen anytime before the end of the month. “Since this test, I’m sick, I’m stressed. I’m sick. I feel like I’m sick. I don’t want to leave because I have a job here and my friends. I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve always taken the serious, career path. ,” he says.

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The young man traveled to Turkey, Kosovo, Croatia, Italy and other countries before reaching his dream country, France. “I struggled a lot to get to this. All my friends tell me that I don’t deserve this situation,” complains Ale. “For us, it was a big surprise. He is our favorite, everyone loves him. He has an Ursoff number, we contribute to retirement, bole emploi… The whole French administrative system did not realize that he had a false identity card,” explains Sandrin Boulain.

To add: “It’s really a cream. He sends part of his salary to his parents. He really fell in love with Cherbourg. It’s nice to see this young man who is proud to stay in France, and we’re still complaining there. It’s a great lesson in life,” says the cafe manager. Residence Ale had to complete his five-year seniority period in French territory in four months to apply for the permit, but he risks being deported before this deadline.

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