Tantrum by a traveler: A woman is shown in a video attacking an airline check-in agent at Mexico City Airport

A woman was caught on video throwing a tantrum at Airport in Mexico City and even attacking an Emirates check-in agency when she, the traveler, did not make her way.

A video emerged on November 1 showing a passenger jumping off the check-in counter and attacking an Emirates employee who was trying to treat the passenger during her flight.

The woman arrived late to check-in for her flight Mexico City International Airport She tried to use an expired passport – which caused the Emirates agent to deny the passenger the ability to board the plane.

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The woman got angry at the employee – and climbed over the table.

I started hitting the employee first, then I started throwing various things, including things from a suitcase, computers, etc.

A female passenger with an expired passport was denied entry when trying to check-in for her flight – and then proceeded to strike and then throw objects at an Emirates employee and others.

Continuing with her tantrum, the woman stood on the countertop of the check-in desk and started screaming for other airport passengers.

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In the video, she can be seen and heard screaming.

Meanwhile, an Emirates female employee can also be seen and heard screaming for security assistance.

Emirates Airlines said in a statement that the woman had arrived too late and could not process her flight.

She also tried to use an expired passport for her travel.

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“We can confirm that on November 1, an accident occurred at the check-in counter at Mexico City International Airport, in which it was discovered that a passenger who arrived late at the check-in counter was traveling with an expired passport,” Emirates said in a media statement.

Other passengers at the airport can see the out-of-control person - standing at the check-in counter and holding a screen over it - from afar.

Other passengers at the airport can see the out-of-control person – standing at the check-in counter and holding a screen over it – from afar.

“The client refused the flight, became rebellious and physically abusive with the ground staff – so it was necessary for airport security and police to intervene,” Emirates said in its media statement.

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After she got off the counter, airport security guards detained her while police officers were on their way to the airport.

To learn more, watch the video at the top of this article.

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