An 8-year-old girl spends her life with her grandparents, she never goes to school and never sees other children

The child remains isolated at her grandparents’ home while the investigation seeks them and the victim’s mother, prosecutors said this weekend.

They do not allow her to go to school or play with other children. She would not have simply left her grandparents’ home in the small town of Attendoorn (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The mother had informed social services that she had gone to Italy. The father does not live with the family. When Italian authorities informed their German counterparts that the mother and daughter did not live in the boot, Youth Protection decided to go to the grandparents’ home, where they found the victim.

The mother and grandparents exercise their right to remain silent and do not justify the reason for the child’s loss of social contact. Three adults are suspected of being forcibly imprisoned.

Neighbors have interviewed that they do not know that the daughter and mother live in the house.

The child was placed in a foster home. No physical ailments or nutritional deficiencies were detected. A legal guardian will be appointed by the court.

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