Swedish ambassador Johan Floterus spent his 33rd birthday in prison in Iran: his family calls for his release

Iran announced in July 2022 that it would arrest a Swede for espionage, amid strained relations between Tehran and Stockholm.

The announcement of his arrest came two weeks after an Iranian citizen was sentenced to life in Sweden for the mass execution of thousands of opponents by the Iranian regime in 1988.

A new victim of Iran’s dangerous plan

Hamid Nouri, the former head of an Iranian prison, was found guilty by a Stockholm court. “Heinous crimes against international law” And “The Murders”.

Many Western countries have condemned what they call “hostage diplomacy” on Iran’s part, which consists of detaining Western nationals in exchange for the release of its own nationals.

Johann Floterus was “Another victim of Iran’s dangerous practice of holding foreigners hostage for political purposes”Condemned his family.

A permanently lit cell

“The conditions under which Johann is being held in a permanently lit room are unacceptable”added his family, and accordingly “Their needs for adequate food items, field trips, medical check-ups and many other things are not respected.”

Mr. Floderus passed “More than 300 days in solitary confinement”Authorized for receiving only “too little” He described diplomatic visits and since February only managed to make an average of one brief phone call a month.

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