Starfield seems to miss entire stars when running on AMD Radeon GPUs

Reddit users have discovered a new Starfield bug where the game does not display full stars when running on an AMD Radeon GPU.

Starfield’s lost state of affairs on AMD Radeon GPUs, nothing game-breaking but definitely immersion-breaking

So a User on Reddit Posted on the Starfield sub site that there was a problem with Starfield when running the game on an AMD Radeon GPU. The problem is very simple, the game will not display a star in any solar system when you are on the day side of the moon or even any planetary body. The problem only occurs on AMD Radeon GPUs, and users with Radeon RX 7000 and RX 6000 GPUs are reporting the same thing.

Starfield misses the stars when running on AMD Radeon GPUs (Image source: U/Eurax)

Starfield With Star In The Skybox on NVIDIA GeForce GPU (Image source: sh/eurax)

The problem is that the day side of any planetary body or moon needs a light source that lights everything up. This source is the star and on any non-AMD GPU, you will see the star/sun in the sky box that will shine light on the surface. But with AMD cards, the star/sun does not exist and the planet/moon remains illuminated without any light source.

Now, while this is not a bug that crashes the game, it definitely leads to a less immersive experience. I’ve spent almost 100 hours on the game and I know for a fact that watching the star in the far space can look pretty cool inside a Starfield. It is one of the factors that makes this game visually immersive and fun to roam around the many planets.

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There is also another example where the game offered a lit up Skybox but did not include the star on a standard planet.

Image source: u/Yoraxx

The user also reported that he was able to resolve the issue by simply swapping his AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT GPU with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. It should be remembered that Bethesda and AMD have teamed up to improve the experience for Ryzen and Radeon GPU owners. The game runs incredibly well on Radeon GPUs compared to the competition, but bugs like this are a huge miss. Again, this won’t crash the game since the problem is only now being reported even though it’s gone 300k users playing the game on Steam (current concurrent numbers).

It’s possible that Bethesda will release a patch for the game to address this issue or if it’s a little late, there’s always been a modding community that’s been working hard pumping out loads of performance tweaks and improvements since the game was released. I’ve been using the DLSS Frame-Gen template in the game and it works great and so far, I love the game and have had all the time.

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